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Hoover this morning that was Don's spunk you ate," I said squeezing her tits. She tried to pull him back but I held her head still. Don grabbed her head and shoved his cock deep in his mother's mouth. " Don Yelled as his body tightened and he came in his mother's mouth, she swallowed every drop.

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I looked down at him, "That's it, use your free hand to rub my shaft as you play with my balls," I told Don, he did as he was told. Don stuck out his tongue and slowly licked his lips as he pulled his tongue back in his mouth and swallows my cum. Don still made some faces from the taste, I lean forward and lick my cum off his face, then swallowed my own cum. "Now at home when you jerk off eat your own cum," I said with a smile. We pull our pants up and head for Don's house once there we went to his room and stripped down. "Well she thought it was my cum," I said "But if we go to your house then let your mom see us with these hard cocks, I know we can fuck her." I said stroking Don's cock. " Kathy moaned as she sucked on her mom's clit, then she darted her tongue in and out of her mom's pussy.

"Mommy I love your pussy," Cathy moaned after she swallowed all of Don's cum and her mother's juice.

"Mother, yes, mother," Cathy moaned as she had an orgasm, Mrs.

"Yes mother, aunt Tina taught me well," Cathy said as she slid up her mother. "I'll have to invite Tina over, and Jim he has nice big cock," Mrs. "Yes dad fucks great and his seed taste good as well," I said.

As I stuck my cock in Don's mouth I said, "You suck it like you do a lollipop." "That's it cover up your teeth," I said.

Don started sucking my cock he gagged at first, "Easy, a little at first, give it time" I said.

"Mom you suck great cock," Don said as he stroked his cock. " She cried as Don picked up the speed, the sound of Don's cock slapping his mother's cunt made me hard.