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How to stop dating site adverts with job

Think about your industry and what media those salespeople are consuming.It’s likely that placing a job ad on industry-specific websites or publications versus putting an ad on makes a lot more sense.

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Things like, “The ideal candidate will have…” do not engage the reader.These “hot buttons” are the key things that highly talented salespeople want to know when considering a job.These are the items that should be included in the job ad as well as in an interview. ” The company Sales Benchmark Index did research specifically on that question to find out.Write the ad as if you were speaking directly to that talented salesperson you want to hire – because if you’re lucky, you are!When you are listing the “Responsibilities,” describe the key aspects of the job, not a list of every possible thing the person might encounter.Where are some other places those potential candidates might be?

I’ve found that posting to the “Jobs” section of industry related “Groups” on Linked In yields much more qualified candidates than generic job boards and websites.

Send the link out as an email blast to your contacts and ask them to forward it to anyone they know who might be interested.

Ask your current salespeople, “If I was a company that wanted to hire you, where would be the best place for me to put my job posting to reach you? Meaning, your focus should be how you are going to hook the person into reading it.

It’s possible that your next great hire could be one of those fans.

Or, someone who knows them is, and forwards the info to them. Maybe you make a quick video about the job opening and post the video to your website and You Tube.

Unfortunately, most job posts/ads read like a laundry list of desired traits that are more like an online dating site request than an engaging and dynamic job overview.