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On a thirty day lunation, one translation day follows the last Sabbath and the first visible crescent will be seen that evening. If, due to cloud cover, no new moon is visible, the next month starts the day after the 30.New Moon is not a seventh-day Sabbath but is in a class of worship day by itself. Because lunar months are technically 29.5 days long, the months will typically rotate: 29-day, 30-day, 29-day, 30-day. When two 29-day months occur in a row, later two 30-day months will come in a row.

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This, the first of every month, is followed by the six work days on the 2 of every month comes the first seventh-day Sabbath. On the last Sabbath evening of a 29 day month, the next visible crescent should be seen.If you should eat either the leaves or red or yellow fruits, you will ingest the toxin mezerein, and nausea and violent vomiting will shortly be followed by severe internal bleeding, coma and death shortly thereafter.Not a pleasant plant, by any stretch of the imagination. The deceptive Rosary pea plant image credits The Rosary Pea, also often planted as a decorative addition to gardens, is actually one of the world’s most dangerous plants, Thebright red berries hold seeds, which all contain a lectin poison called abrin, so toxic that, if swallowed or chewed will result in almost immediate death. The popular, poisonous Oleander plant image credits Perhaps the deadliest plant on earth is the ever popular Oleander.Every part of this plant contains dangerous poison levels, so it should be left well alone. Full of the alkaloid toxin dauracine, the whole plant is poisonous, though the attractive berries of this plant, if eaten by mistake, cause paralysis when first eaten, fatal if treatment is not sought immediately.They have, on occasion, been mistaken by people foraging for wild grapes, but fruits of Canada Moonseed can be fatal., so care needs to be taken. The horribly deadly Wintersweet image credits Wintersweet, also known as Bushman’s poison, is a native plant of South Africa, though it does get planted in gardens globally during summer months, because the plant produces pleasantly scented flowers and plum-like berries.This is not a plant you want anywhere near your garden.

6 The not so jolly Jimson weed plant image credits Known by some as the Devils Trumpet, Thorn Apple, or Locoweed , Jimson weed produces pretty flowers and is found all over the USA, often in gardens.

Because the pagan/papal Gregorian calendar has continuously cycling weeks, New Moon day establishes which Gregorian day the next four seventh-day Sabbaths will fall on.

The biggest difference between Yahuwah’s calendar and the calendars in use today is how the weeks cycle through the year.

As a result, the seventh-day Sabbath always fell on the 8pp.

13-14.) Each lunation begins with the day following the sighting of the first visible crescent moon.

The Khoisan people of South Africa have used the milky sap to poison the tips of their arrows.