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I was able to take away a few things from reading "Age of Eve": Never have sex with a hot stranger you just met at a New Orleans charity ball without visiting a Voo Doo Queen first and acquiring a really good talisman; If you can't remember having sex with a really hot guy, then he either spiked your drink or he's from another world and put some kind of mojo on you; Everything in New Orleans must smell like sugar, whiskey, peaches, magnolias, honeysuckle, jasmine, and jambalaya and everything must be covered in moss, rust, algae and moonlight.Definitely DO NOT RECOMMEND and will not be reading the next installment. So there's only one last thing to say: I was unsatisfied with the story from the very beginning but decided to give it a fair chance as i received this ARC for a honest review and felt it wouldn't be right to give up.

Fortunately for her, she's assigned to cover the Governor's Ball and who should be there? Damn this dude is either amazing or she's an serious clutz.The story is shallow,flat and slow ,the characters boring and not true to there self, and you can find here so much cliche it almost hurts.. I received the book from Broadthink publisher in exchange for a honest review.The review is posted on my blog Una dressed in Books and on too many descriptors, that were clunky. Pratt seems to think that every tree needs a poetic turn of words, that every sunny day should be populated my winsome clouds and flocks of snowy egrets.Does Eve really hold a key to saving humanity from a loveless existence? Read the first book in this series and decide for yourself. First to the Characters The characters themselves weren’t as memorable but every single one of them was relevant to the plot.Eve was a strong, smart, brave and realistically so too, her reactions to everything that happened is what you’d expect from everything around her.By no means am I calling this the Bible, but if you find some of the stories in the Bible fascinating, you’ll be riveted by this book’s choice of other-worldly beings.

The Nephilim, according to the book of Genesis, were the offspring of the “sons of God” and “daughters of men.” I remember reading that a long time ago, but didn’t know what it meant.

Thanks to all the over-the-top description, the story itself started to get so confusing.

I started getting so lost with what was happening that I had to go back and reread paragraphs multiple times to understand what was happening - and trust me, reading a second or third time did not make the story any better.

Somehow, Age of Eve is able to take that complicated idea and use it as a centerpiece for a riveting romantic thriller.

This may be a work of fiction, but a lot of it felt all too real.

And finally, the main character is such a ho I couldn't stand it.